Educational Tamil Short Stories for Kids

                            Collections of Tamil short stories for kids to read!                                        
Goal is to encourage reading and serve as a  gateway to kids reading even more.

StoryWeaver Story Stories (early readers to Grade 3 with pictures on each page & < 250 words)

19 Flash Card Stories - Level 1
17 Card Stories (<100) - Level 1
21 Activites Stories - Level 1
304 Tamil Stories (< 250) -Level 1
35 Tamil English Stories - Level 1

Tamil Nadu State Tamil Medium School Textbook (PDF & eBook)

Grade 1 to 12 Tamil Textbook New

History Stories (PDF) from Siru Kathaigal:

Abraham Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Bill Gates
Che Guevara
Thomas Alva Edison

Tamil Tenali Raman Stories
from Siru Kathaigal (PDF): 
Tenali Raman and Astrologer
Tenali Raman & the two thieves

Tamil Panchatantra Stories from Siru Kathaigal (PDF): 
The Donkey without brain
Lion and the Fox
The foolish Monkey and the King
Old Lion and the Fox

Tamil Knowlege Stories from Arivu Kadhaikal:

Tamil Knowlege Stories

Tamil Animal & Tenali Raman Short Stories: 

Tamil Short Stories

Write Book Report

Kids after reading the Tamil short stories, write & submit your book report. Include Book Title, Author, Main Characters, Story settings, Story summary, Main Events, Story Conclusion, and atleast one fact and one option about the story.